Wear Plates & Steel Mill Liners

EWR Extreme Wear Resistance

Wear plates and liners are used in many industries. One common use is in the machine tool industry where moving parts of the machine, or components being machined, are transferred. To give extra life and longer wear to the wear plates in these applications DETCO Extreme Wear Resistance (EWR) products are used.

  • Wear Plates for press builders and steel mill builders
  • Steel Mill parts
  • Chock liners
  • Tie Plates
  • Machinery locating plates all of which demand extreme wear resistance (EWR)
  • Wear Strips for extreme wear resistance.

EWR is a product developed by DETCO designed to have great wearability characteristics, through a combination of wear resistant materials and heat-treat procedures. Developed initially for the machine tool industry, this product was expanded for applications on rolling mills in the metals industries. DETCO regularly furnishes this material for liners and wear plates on rolling mills in steel mills. A common use is for the sides of roll stands to give extra wear for the end of large rolls. Liners and wear plates are also used on roll stands on paper making machines.

EWR products can be through-hardened in conventional heat treat furnaces or they can be selectively hardened in designated wear areas through DETCO's flame hardening operation. DETCO furnishes these products to many OEMS and to users.

To inquire about wear plates and liners, a drawing or sample part is helpful. For budgetary pricing DETCO requires length, width, and thickness, as well as the number and size of holes, slots, keyways, and other irregularities or unique features. DETCO is equipped to receive drawings via E-mail.