Slide Assembly - Scraping & Flaking

Detroit Edge Tool Co., manufactures the highest quality ways, rails, keepers, and gibs, and has the ability to machine cast iron or fabricated bases and columns. DETCO scrapes to precise tolerances, and can assemble these components into complete units. DETCO manufactures the finest new or rebuilt slide units to OEM design and specifications, and performs sub-assemblies for small and medium size machinery.

  • Services
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Small machine tool builds
  • Contract machining
  • Precision scraping and assembly
  • Subcontract scraping on site
  • Machining and grinding of raw castings
  • Application of linear way materials such as Roulon or Turcite
  • Capacity
  • 50,000 sq. ft. facility
  • 20, 10, 7.5, and 5-ton crane capacity
  • 20 feet under the hook
  • 50 ft.-wide bays
  • paint spray booth

DETCO has access to used transfer line slide units, which are completely disassembled and re-furbished by our craftsmen. Commercial parts, i.e.: pumps, ballscrews, etc. are purchased. DETCO components, i.e.: ways, gibs, keepers are manufactured to suit and replaced. The main components, i.e.: bases, tables/platens are surface ground or scraped where required by DETCO craftsmen, and restored to original OEM specifications.

DETCO works with many transfer line OEM's in building original equipment slide units. The OEM provides either raw castings or patterns. When provided with patterns, DETCO secures castings from the foundry. All castings are machined and surface ground or scraped where necessary. Our craftsmen then assemble, fit, and test run the units similar to the procedure used when rebuilding slide units. In addition, we are capable of assembling many different large and small assemblies, of any kind. Do not hesitate to ask.

DETCO maintains the ability to refurbish small and medium size machinery in the same manner as refurbishing transfer line slide units.