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For the reclamation and demolition industries, DETCO scrap shear blades can withstand the shock and the general punishment common in these two industries. Additionally, most scrap yards process a wide variety of materials from automotive and structural steels and cast iron, to exotic alloy materials, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. All of our scrap shear blades are supplied in suitable grades for such arduous duty.

With decades of experience in the development of scrap cutting blades, DETCO takes pride in producing the best quality, using the finest alloy steels. Whether your operation demands mobile or stationary blades, DETCO's large inventory of either can satisfy your requirements.

Mobile Shear Blades

Rebar Shear Blades

For immediate service, draw from inventory maintained in Roseville, MI.

Detroit Scrap Shear Blades are also available for members of NASCO-OP. To order through NASCO-OP or to review their web site click here: Be certain to specify Detroit Edge Tool Shear Blades.

Special steels formulated, poured and rolled for DETCO'S applications are used. DETCO uses the latest in high tech heat treat procedures. With this combination, Detroit Scrap Shear Blades have consistently out-performed the competition, in test after test.

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