Machine Knives

DETCO manufactures all types of industrial machine knives. These machine knives are used for cutting plastic, wood, metal, paper, textile, and carpet. DETCO is capable of producing machine knives in lengths up to 20 feet.

DETCO machine knives are manufactured in many configurations including straight rectangular, tapered, and circular. Machines have a variety of cutting edges including square, beveled, serrated, and curved.

Another use of inlaid, high-speed steel machine knives is for trimming stacks of sheeted paper into given sizes or dimensions. These again are straight machine knives ranging in length from two feet to ten feet and are used on paper trimming machines. These machines are basically found in the paper or printing industries.
To inquire about various machine knives, a blueprint or sample machine knife is helpful. For budgetary pricing, DETCO requires length, width, thickness, or diameter in the case of circular knives, tolerance specifications, and type and thickness of material to be cut.