Michigan Flame Hardening Co.

Michigan Flame Hardening Co. A cost effective, quality based service for your Heat Treating requirements.

In 1998, DETCO acquired Michigan Flame Hardening Co., building on its reputation for quality and service, the company was relocated to a new, modern facility. State of the art Flame Hardening and Straightening equipment ensures more accurate Heat Treating processing.

DETCO applies quality Flame Hardening and Straightening to its own products and now offers these services to its customers. With over 35 years of Flame Hardening & Straightening experience, Michigan Flame Hardening Co. has perfected Flame Hardening and Straightening procedures on:

  • -Die Sections
  • -Rolls
  • -Pallets
  • -Plates
  • -Gears
  • -Clamps
  • -Ways
  • -Rails
  • -Transfer Bars
  • -Crane Wheels and Rails
  • -Rope Drums
  • -Splines

Michigan Flame uses a selection of different quench mediums depending on the type of material, design of part, and hardness desired. The selection of the proper quench medium helps to reduce, if not eliminate, any potential for cracking as well as minimizing distortion of the part. Material for Flame Hardening can be any ferrous metal (steel or cast iron) with the potential for heat treatment by any other method.